Member Spotlights

September 19, 2017

Robert E. Dansby, Ph.D. (’70)

CEO of Copharix
Dr. Robert E. Dansby has broad experience as a research scientist and business executive who now specializes in healthcare informatics and analytics. He currently leads new technology product/service development and delivery, in the healthcare space, as CEO of Copharix.

Analytic and quantitative specialties include: mathematics of algorithms, operations research / nonlinear optimization, index theory, and econometric / statistical analysis.
August 25, 2017

Eric Hoek (’96, ’14)

Co-founder and CEO of WaterPlanet
Over two decades, Dr. Eric Hoek has dedicated his life’s work to education, research, engineering, innovation, entrepreneurial and philanthropic activities related to his passion – clean water. He currently serves as the CEO of Water Planet, Inc., which offers the world’s first smart membrane filtration technology. Water Planet's products include PolyCera membranes and IntelliFlux controls, which offer a new level of productivity, reliability and affordability in water filtration. Their key markets are industrial wastewater (treatment, recycling and reuse) and drinking water purification.
June 2, 2017

Wes Brodsky (’99)

Founder and CEO of Contender
With over 15 years experience in the ticketing industry, Wes serves at CEO and Founder of Contender. Contender is an offer-based live event marketplace & consumer app that encourages buyers & sellers to agree on fair deals that reflect the real-time value of a ticket.

In essence, Contender makes every ticket on the $12b resale market negotiable, while providing tools for teams, artists, venues and resellers to maximize inventory and optimize unsold seats.
May 15, 2017

Fred Hsu (’00)

CEO of
Fred is CEO of, a company that is transforming customer service using machine learning, artificial intelligence and customer service training data. Featured on Forbes and Venturebeat, is transforming customer service using machine learning, artificial intelligence and customer service training data.
April 24, 2017

Mike Vanneman (’78)

Founder of TVG Executive Search
Mike Vanneman is the founder of TVG Executive Search. After a successful twenty plus year run as a technology sales executive, Mike founded an executive search firm, TVG Executive Search. The focus of his company is to identify and recruit world class sales leaders and to help technology companies build quota exceeding sales teams. He has also conducted successful searches in the non-profit sector.