Troy Bolus ’17

Troy is the founder of OmniPanel, a company that surfaces business insights from a companies’ customer support tickets.

Troy joined UCLA Ventures in 2019 after he sold his first company. Now, Troy is working on building OmniPanel, an analytics platform that surfaces key user insights from your customer support tickets so you can identify when, where, and how user friction impacts your retention and profitability.

Prior to OmniPanel, Troy co-founded and led product efforts at Seated, an app that rewards you for dining out at the best restaurants. Troy has experience is in managing product teams and product life cycles.

When asked why he decided to join UCLA Ventures, Troy said, "UCLA has so much potential being the best school in LA. However, the network is seriously lacking in comparison to other private schools throughout the country.

"Given the power of the alumni network, there’s so much potential to build stronger relationships."

Troy graduated from UCLA in 2017 and currently lives in LA. He loves to golf, ski, and go to the beach.