Veeral Hardev (’04)

Veeral is director of business development at Ubiquitous Energy, Inc. a solar tech company leading the development of transparent photovoltaics.

Veeral Hardev came from family of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Growing up in the Bay Area, he always wanted to attend UCLA. His passion for technology led him to the field of engineering but he always knew he wanted to be involved in business side of things. In 2004, Hardev graduate from UCLA with a B.S. in Materials Science and a B.A. in Economics.

Since then, he has authored numerous patents and has advanced from entry-level engineer to director at Nanosys, Inc. reporting directly to the CEO. During his time at Nanosys, Hardev has helped lead the transition of the company from R&D to a profitable business.

Noticing the lack of entrepreneurial spirit in the Los Angeles area, Hardev wanted to find a way "to help bring UCLA to the forefront of entrepreneurship and start-up culture." "Entrepreneurship is the driving engine for many things and is all about innovation to make life and society better," said Hardev. "While UCLA is one of the world’s most advanced and distinguished universities, surprisingly entrepreneurship has not been a strength of the university’s." With that, he decided to join UCLA Ventures.

Hardev is a big sports fan - including all UCLA teams, and Bay Area professional teams (49ers, Warriors, Giants). Hardev enjoys spending time with family, traveling, playing sports, running marathons, and giving back to community via volunteering.