Suzanne Wouk ’89

Suzanne Wouk is the Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at SellHound, which uses AI to automate secondhand fashion listings. We help make sustainability easy and profitable!

Suzanne grew up in Israel and was a Non-Commissioned-Officer in the Israeli Navy. After that, she attended UCLA, where she studied Theater and screenwriting. She then went on to become a Hollywood actress/producer.

"I experienced the power of community at UCLA. I learned that it takes a village and to always practice kindness. Success is meaningless without your family, friends, mentors, and mentees."

When asked why she decided to join UCLA Ventures, Suzanne said, "UCLA shaped me in so many ways. I love the idea of giving back and paying it forward."

"At UCLA I met one of my most inspirational mentors/professors whose voice, advice, and creativity still inspires me [after] 30 years on (if anyone knows Prof Richard Walter – send him my humble gratitude)."

"There was magic at that school."

Suzanne is now on her second technology startup, SellHound, Inc. in Silicon Valley supporting the circular fashion movement. SellHound's proprietary technology creates highly optimized, SEO friendly listings for secondhand fashion. They also feature the worlds' first price comparison for secondhand items.