Otávio Dalarossa (’09, ’10)

Otávio is a Co-Founder and CEO of Nvestly, a platform that lets people share their real portfolios without revealing dollar amounts.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Otávio completed both a Master of Science in Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering and a bachelor's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UCLA.

Prior to Nvestly, Otávio led the Latin American efforts and due diligence investments at Wilshire Private Markets, the latter of which resulted in over $11M of aggregate commitments to private equity funds. He has also held roles as a fixed income analyst at Capital Group and investment advisory at First Investors Corp.

In addition to helping Nvestly clients become better investors through powerful technology and simple design, Otávio also makes guest appearances as a public speaker and blogger for various news and financial media outlets, including the Chicago Tribune, Yahoo! Finance, Benzinga, and Investors.com.

Joining the Fund was an easy decision for Otávio, who has been passionate about entrepreneurship at UCLA since his undergraduate days. "Being a part of the UCLA VC Fund gives me an opportunity to give back and make the community stronger while gaining access to an incredible network.”

If you want to learn more about Nvestly, visit their website and follow them on Twitter @nvestly!