Carlos Camara, PhD (’06)

Dr. Carlos Camara is Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Tribogenics, a leading innovator of portable x-ray technology for industrial and consumer applications.

After receiving his Ph.D. in physics from UCLA in 2006, Camara continued conducting research as a postdoctoral scholar, which led to a breakthrough study in x-ray production through triboluminescence, the phenomenon on which this new technology is based.

According to Camara, the academic and technical training he received on campus was key to generating technology innovation and advancing entrepreneurship in the private sector. He first joined the UCLA community in 1998 while participating in an undergraduate exchange program from Mexico. Forming early bonds with the scientific community on campus helped him to grow both personally and professionally.

“You might say that the idea that led to Tribogenics was born on the UCLA campus,” he recently told the VC Fund. “From there, and with the help of UCLA, I was able to take this concept to market and, in doing so, experience first-hand the transformation from scientist to entrepreneur. I have learned a tremendous amount in this process. Now it’s time to give back.”

From undergraduate to postgraduate, Carlos Camara is a proud member of the UCLA family and looks forward to facilitating scientific entrepreneurship in his academic community.