Anthony ’06 & Ronald ’12 Alcazar

Two UCLA Bruins are disrupting a billion dollar tortilla industry and making tacos healthier via e-commerce.

Anthony and Ronald Alcazar are co-founders of Mr. Tortilla, the #1 best-selling tortilla online. After one too many nights spent bloated from all the carbohydrates consumed through tacos, they were compelled to provide a healthier alternative. They wanted to find a way to enjoy the food, without the heavy carb load, as well as making it available to everyone. This is how the concept for their signature 1 carb, 15 calorie taco tortilla was born. At only $4.99 a pack, this 1 net carb plant-based tortilla, suits most dietary and economic circumstances.

Born and raised in Southern California, the Alcazar brothers always wanted to have their own business. Their journey towards entrepreneurship began to develop after Anthony, the eldest of the two, graduated with a degree in Economics and Political Science. A few years later, he approached his brother Ronald, who was in his final year of completing a degree in Astrophysics with the idea to start their own business. After securing their father’s blessing and guidance, the Alcazar brothers founded Mr. Tortilla, the company known for reinventing a classic food staple for the world.

After overcoming the challenges of securing shelf space at brick and mortar locations, they have turned their attention to using e-commerce to expand their business. Through their website,, they are disrupting the tortilla industry, becoming an instant hit with the low-carb/keto community. Mr. Tortilla has expanded their line with a variety of products, including their newest release that will make monster burritos healthy.