Albert Cha (’99, ’01)

Albert Cha is a Managing Partner at Frazier Healthcare Partners, a healthcare focused investment firm.

Albert Cha, M.D., Ph.D. is a Managing Partner with Frazier Healthcare Partners who invests in private and public biopharmaceutical companies. He currently serves on the boards of Ascendis Pharma A/S (NASDAQ: ASND) and KalVista Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: KALV).

Albert was an investor in Aclaris Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ACRS), Biohaven Pharmaceuticals (NYSE:BHVN), Menlo Therapeutics (NASDAQ; MNLO), Sierra Oncology (NASDAQ: SRRA), Ceptaris Therapeutics (acquired by Actelion), Neomend (acquired by Bard), Vicept Therapeutics (acquired by Allergan), Bioform Medical (BFRM, acquired by Merz), Biodel (BIOD), and Aspreva Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ASPV, acquired by Galenica). Albert was also involved in founding NextWave Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Pfizer) and Prestwick Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Biovail). Other investments include YM Biosciences (YMI), Dynavax Technologies (DVAX), Avanir Pharmaceuticals (AVNR), Acura Pharmaceuticals (ACUR), and AMAG Pharmaceuticals (AMAG).

"Without the education, mentorship, and training I received during my M.D./Ph.D. at UCLA, it would have been impossible for me to be able to launch my career," said Albert. "I have been so fortunate through my scientific and medical background from UCLA to help build and invest in great companies during my tenure as a life science investor."

When asked why he chose to join UCLA Ventures, Albert said he hoped to strengthen his relationship with UCLA and connect with like-minded alumni who want to be able to give back to the university.

Albert was previously a Managing Partner at Vivo Capital. He is also a co-founder of the annual Dermatology Summit and Dermatology Innovation Forum. Albert also worked at Oracle Corporation in pharmaceutical consulting and at the Palo Alto VA Hospital as a biomedical engineer.