• 1999The Beginning

    Well-known venture capitalists and entrepreneurs partner with UCLA to create the UCLA Venture Capital Fund.
  • 2000$1 Million Milestone

    The UCLA Venture Capital Fund raises approximately $1 million and invests that money into startups associated with UCLA and its alumni.
  • 2001-2005Tech Bubble Bursts

    The tech bubble bursts, and many of the Fund's initial investments lose significant value.
  • 2006"Cashless Pledge" Model

    The Fund launches a new model, dubbed the "cashless pledge" model, which allows entrepreneurs to pledge equity in their startups to UCLA.
  • 2012 Programming Expands

    The Fund launches a wave of new programs -- both on- and off-campus -- designed to foster UCLA's entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • 2017 New Name and Model

    The UCLA Venture Capital Fund becomes UCLA Ventures and launches a new model, which builds community, enhances our portfolio, and impacts UCLA's entrepreneurial ecosystem.