UCLA Ventures Virtual Event Series – COVID-19 Panel Discussion

To continue our virtual event series, we have put together a panel of UCLA Ventures members whose companies have pivoted into tackling the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. We discussed how their companies were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently pivoted to address the pandemic, as well as the state of funding for startups in this space. We hope you enjoy this conversation!

Marion Patricio '14 - Program Manager of UCLA Ventures

Mikhail Briman, PhD '06 - CEO and co-founder of Proxim Diagnostics
Albert Cha, PhD '99, MD '01 - Managing Partner at Vivo Capital
Srikanth Gondi, PhD '06 - President of Cooey Health
Gabe Richman '02, MBA '09 - Founder of C19.ai
Murisiku Raifu, MD - CEO and co-founder of Talamus Health, Inc.